I am an educational psychologist, play-therapist, hypno-therapist. I practice from Westdene, Johannesburg holding a doctorate degree in Educational Psychology (University of Johannesburg) and registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (PS 0040533)

I have 28 years of experience in the field of child psychology, play-therapy, psycho-educational assessment, psycho-therapy and parental guidance.

Starting my career in 1987 as a high school language teacher I decided to further my studies in psychology after two years of teaching. Apart from the fact that I have always had a keen interest in psychology, I became aware of the difficulties with which learners often presented. I finished my master’s degree at the University of Pretoria in 1994. The topic of my thesis was: Self-esteem problems of the adolescent girl. After my internship, I then worked at the Johannesburg’s Institute for Child and Parental Guidance for a year. Psychological assessments, career guidance, psycho-therapy, play-therapy, counselling and parental guidance were part of the services offered to parents and their children.

I then worked for the Gauteng’s Educational Aid Centre in Ermelo for two years, after which I relocated to Johannesburg and started my private practice. In 1998 I qualified as a hypnotherapist at the South African Society of Clinical Hypnosis and incorporated hypnosis successfully in my practice with children as well as adults. In 2000 I finished my PhD. The title of my doctoral dissertation was: “An educational psychological approach to achieving acquiescence for the family with a terminally ill child.” This equipped me to understand and work with a wide range of grief related issues in children and adults.

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